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The Local Trend in Florida

Local trendThe “Local” trend is a new trend that is clearly thriving in Florida. If you travel down the main road in Jacksonville Beach, you will see signs that say things like “Eat Local” or “Shop Local.” These signs reflect the locals’ effort to maintain an atmosphere of supporting local businesses instead of large companies. In fact, you will not find a Wal-Mart in Jacksonville Beach, and the majority of the stores are small businesses owned by locals.

This Local trend is a trend of millennials and other young adults who prefer “mom-and-pop” shops to name brand stores; these consumers are usually also interested in organic and all-natural products.

This is good news for foreign investors who are interested in starting a business and applying for an investor’s visa because this retail market is one that is relatively easy to enter, and foreign investors can quickly been seen as locals if they live in the area.

If you are interested in starting a small business in Florida to capitalize on the Local trend, then contact Boyer Law Firm today. We can assist you both in the setup of your business as well as determining the best visa for which you qualify and assisting you through the immigration process.

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