Florida Civil Litigation

Florida Civil LitigationFlorida civil litigation is when one individual or business entity sues another. In criminal cases, the state charges the defendant with a crime and seeks jail time, community service, or some similar form of punishment. In a civil litigation case, the plaintiff sues the defendant to recoup damages done to them, usually through monetary damages or awards.

Civil litigation encompasses a wide range of lawsuits, from breach of contract to civil theft.

Here at Boyer Law Firm, our Florida civil litigation attorneys handle the following cases:

–          Breach of Contract
–          Breach of Fiduciary Responsibility
–          Misrepresentation and Fraud
–          Civil Theft
–          And more

Florida law requires corporate plaintiffs and defendants to have an attorney in all cases except for small claims court, which consists of cases seeking less than $5,000 in damages. (We do not represent clients in small claims court).

No matter which side of a lawsuit you find yourself on, we know that it is not an enjoyable experience. Lawsuits tend to be long, draw-out and expensive. Boyer Law Firm understands this discomfort, which is why we will fight to get you the results you want. We will fight for you from the initial mediation, which is usually required by the Florida courts, until your case is resolved.

As a member of The Florida Bar, Attorney Boyer is admitted to practice law in all Florida Courts. He is also admitted to practice in all the Federal United States District Courts of Florida (Northern, Middle and Southern Districts) and in the United States Court of International Trade.

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