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Jann C.
Jann C.
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I had a great experience with this law firm in my international custody case. They were very professional and very responsive to my concerns. The attorneys are smart and know their stuff. I felt like they genuinely cared vs just taking my money like many other law firms I contacted. I'm very happy with the result. I couldn't be more grateful.


The Florida Supreme Court ruled on November 19, 2009, that lawyers can no longer provide information about prior results on the lawyer’s web page.

Accordingly, we have removed our past results from our web page and only indicate the type of cases handled.

Mr. C was residing in the Dominican Republic and wished to set up a corporation in Florida. We created a holding company for him, along with two other companies.

Clients wanted to set up a corporation and also have a contract between their Corporation and foreign companies for investments. We drafted a Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement for both parties to sign along with the Articles of Incorporation. Clients were successful in receiving a foreign company to sign with them.

Client L wanted to purchase a business property; however, it was blocked by a franchise agreement. We were successful through our negotiations with the franchisor to forever release and render immune the franchise agreement attached to the property, and were able to get the client the business property he wanted.

Mr. X, a resident of Florida, desired to buy a property adjacent to his house to expand his garden. We ensured that all documents submitted were without error and made sure the seller was the legal owner of the property. We continued to assist him through the closing process through the last signature.

Mr. Z lives in France and has purchased two condos in Florida.  He had issues with the people responsible for the administrative monitoring of the property, and he also found the bills were too loaded in subject. He came to us for verification. We found other people to monitor the property, and we undertook an administrative trial against the parties who had committed a breach of trust.

Mr. W, an inhabitant of Luxembourg, is on vacation in Miami and wanted to buy a condo that was not yet completed, but seemed to be offered at an unbeatable price. He asked us to check the condition and value of the property. We hired an expert to verify the building condition and conduct an independent financial appraisal. Our conclusion was that the purchase price was not as good of a value as it seemed. We informed the client of this, and then we let him decide if he still wanted to continue with the purchase.

Clients G was being sued upon by the holder of the mortgage and note on the property. We were able to negotiate a settlement with the mortgagee to settle and sell the property free and clear to the Client.

Client V could not afford his monthly mortgage payments, and the bank was ready to foreclose on his house. We negotiated with the bank, and they agreed to proceed with Deed in Lieu proceedings with the option of short sale if an offer was given.

Mr. T, Italian, came several times to Florida in relation to his professional activity. He wished to obtain a visa to live here full time. We made arrangements with the various U.S. agencies for him to apply for an investor visa.

Mr. Z worked in France in a company that wished to transfer him to their U.S. subsidiary to work full time. We took the necessary steps with the USCIS so he could obtain his work visa.

Client C wanted to come to Florida and start a business. We set up Client C with an E-2 visa for his business. We then successfully trademarked Client C’s business name and logo with the United States Trademark Office and the Florida Trademark office.

Client M is a Greek citizen, she came in the US and got married with an American citizen in Florida. We applied for the adjustment of status of Client M anad obtained it within a month of filing the petition.


Client Y was a US legal permanent resident of Turkish nationality and applied for US citizenship. We successfully applied for her naturalization and she could take the oath last month. 

Client S was deceived and lied to in regards to purchasing Client S’s home. We drafted discovery and gathered witnesses to find justice for our client.  We were successful in obtaining Client S a settlement from the parties involved.

Mr. T hired employees with a non-compete and non-spoliation provision in their working contract preventing them to work for the competitors for period of 24 months following the termination of . He discovered that a former employee has resigned to contract a similar position with a competitor. We drafted a cease and desist letter to remind that employee of the non-compete and non-spoliation provisions.

Company Y of Fort Lauderdale has sold and shipped T-shirts to a clothing store in Paris. Repeated requests for payment of the bill remained unanswered. The company appealed to us to get their due. We appealed to our representative in Paris to check if the store still existed. Since this was the case, we required payment of the debt.

Client S. is an American citizen living in Florida who got married to a Japanese citizen living in Japan, They both wanted to get divorced and agreed on the terms and effects aof this separation, We drafted the divorce agreement.

Client is about to get married and because of the gap in each future spouse financial situation, Client needed our help to draft a prenuptial agreement that could protect assets but also protect his future spouse in case of separation.

Mr. M. is a Canadian citizen with assets both in Canada and in Florida. He needed to ensure that all his assets would be covered by one and only last will. We drafted a last will that included all assets,


Ms. F. is French and American citizen who owns assets in France, Florida and Spain. She also has 5 children who under French law benefit a statutory minimum share on the estate worlwide, while under Florida statutes the children could be excluded from the benficiaries. We drafted a will that will be enforceable in all three countries and could work around that statutory minimum share benefit as Ms. F wanted to exclude one of the heirs from the Estate.

Mr. F is a French citizen living in India. One of his siblings passed away owning assets in Florida, while the other siblings lived in France and Belgium. The deceased brother co-owned a house in Florida along with his girlfriend. We assisted Mr. F and his alien siblings through the whole probate and with the consent of all heirs, transferred the deceased’s share of the real property to the surviving girlfriend.

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