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Great law firm. They saved my business and my sanity by helping me navigate a tricky contract dispute.

Boyer Law Firm represents businesses, corporations, and individuals in various civil litigation matters in Florida’s state and federal courts, including appellate proceedings. In addition to civil trial, our skilled attorneys handle settlement conferences, mediation, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution resolve cases.

The firm’s experience encompasses a broad range of matters involving breach of contract for individuals and businesses, business disputes, partnership disputes, torts, commercial litigation, to name a few. These matters have included multidistrict litigation and cross-border actions.

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Types Of Civil Litigation Matters Our Firm Handles

What Is Civil Litigation?

judge reading documents with lawyer in foreground, what is civil litigation?Criminal and civil law have the same fundamental process; parties present their argument to a judge in their state or federal court. Then the judge analyzes the evidence presented to the court, and the judge issues a decision based on that evidence. The distinction between the two is that civil cases involve disputes between private parties or businesses.

Civil litigation refers to the non-criminal legal process in which one or more parties sues another in court. The parties may be individuals, businesses or the government. In this type of case, the plaintiff(s) seeks compensation or other damages from the defendant(s), usually through monetary damages or awards.

What Does A Civil Litigation Attorney Do?

An attorney specializing in civil litigation is also called a “litigator” or a “trial lawyer.” Florida civil litigation attorneys represent individuals or businesses in non-criminal cases. The responsibilities of a civil litigation attorney can be challenging. Lawyers specializing in civil litigation must be willing to assume oppositional roles, embracing contention and controversy. They act as their client’s advocate, obligated to fight diligently to achieve the best possible outcome. Attorneys practicing in this field often work long grueling hours, especially during a trial.
Civil Litigation attorneys often represent their clients across a variety of associated proceedings, including pre-trial hearings, depositions, settlement conferences, as well as mediation and arbitration. The mediation and arbitration processes are geared toward aiding the two parties in reaching a settlement rather than investing the additional time and expense of going to court.

Do I Need A Civil Litigation Attorney?

In some cases, individuals can handle issues like a simple divorce or an estate settlement without involving a civil litigation attorney. In other situations where the stakes are high, a lawyer is necessary to ensure your interests are protected.

In commercial litigation matters, Florida law requires business plaintiffs and defendants to be represented in court by an attorney in all cases except for small claims court. Small claims matters consist of claims seeking less than $8,000 in damages.

Civil litigation disputes are usually highly complex, requiring legal input through every phase, from negotiations to trial and possibly an appeal. A civil litigation lawyer can help you navigate the complex terrain.

Common Types Of Litigation Cases

Various types of legal disputes fall under the category of civil litigation. Some examples are, a landlord and tenant have a conflict that goes to court, or if neighbors engage in a property battle, these are examples of civil litigation. Other common types include:

Stages In The Civil Litigation Process

The typical civil litigation case can be divided into a series of different phases, including research, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial proceedings, potential settlement or trial, and possibly appeal.

Florida Civil Litigation in Federal Court

Are you involved in a dispute that has been filed in Florida federal court? If so, it is crucial that you have an experienced litigator in your corner from the start. The rules and processes used in federal court are vastly different from those used in courts at the state level. Inexperienced lawyers are frequently caught by surprise by the federal court’s exceptionally high expectations for the attorney’s written submissions. Furthermore, federal courts have a much greater expectation of members of the federal bar in that they will act with an exemplary level of professionalism toward one another.

Choosing the right federal civil litigator can go a long way toward ensuring a favorable outcome.

Move Florida State Court Cases To Federal Court

Boyer Law Firm represents clients on all sides of Florida federal civil cases. Our attorneys sometimes represent citizens of other countries or states other than Florida who have been sued in a Florida state court.

If you are an out-of-state resident who has been sued in a Florida state court for an amount greater than $75,000, you may be able to move your case from state court into federal court. We have experience in these matters, and we know how to manage your case to achieve your legal goals. You can rely on our team to pursue every available avenue to resolve your legal matter in a way that is most advantageous for you or your business.

Cross-Border Disputes and Florida Civil Litigation

In today’s global economy, many legal disputes involve parties from different states or even from different countries. These disputes can end up in a variety of forums, including U.S. and foreign courts and arbitration panels.  Directed by Francis M. Boyer, Board Certified Specialist in International Law, our firm has the expertise necessary to represent individuals and businesses abroad with cross-border litigation matters in Florida courts.

Boyer Law Firm’s experience includes litigating issues related to personal jurisdiction, service of process outside of Florida and in foreign countries, obtaining evidence from abroad, obtaining evidence for use abroad, and the admissibility of evidence.  We assist our clients in every phase of the civil litigation process, including drafting dispute resolution clauses, developing dispute prevention strategies, resolving litigation and arbitration, and managing post-award efforts.

Florida Appeals & Appellate Courts

The attorneys at Boyer Law Firm handle a broad range of civil appeals in Florida’s state and federal appellate courts. This includes appeals from final and non-final orders in types of civil cases, including commercial litigation, real estate, probate, breach of contract, and other civil matters.

Practicing before appellate courts demands a different set of skills, knowledge, expertise, and demeanor than practicing before trial courts.  During trial, attorneys focus on obtaining information through discovery, questioning witnesses, and making arguments in court to non-lawyer juries. Whereas, appellate lawyers focus on writing persuasive briefs to the judges on the appeals court.

Boyer Law Firm’s attorneys are highly skilled legal writers and researchers who can present the case to the appellate court in a way best designed to achieve the desired results. The firm’s lawyer are also highly effective at arguing in person appellate court judges when the courts permit oral argument. Boyer Law Firm’s appellate counsel can navigate the different procedural rules that govern appeals. Boyer Law Firm’s appellate attorneys’ experience and knowledge allows them to provide a more efficient and often more cost-effective appeal without compromising the quality of the advocacy of the case before the appellate court.

Zealous Civil Litigation Representation Committed To Protecting Your Interests

We are passionate advocates for our clients. Utilizing the latest technology and all resources at our disposal, we provide top-notch representation.  Our attorneys are not afraid to face the largest corporation and their team of lawyers to fight for your rights and champion your interests.

Experienced Legal Representation for Your Florida Civil Litigation Needs.

If you have a legal dispute that cannot be resolved or another matter that requires formal legal intervention, call Boyer Law Firm today.

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