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2016 Tax Deductible Attorney’s Fees


2016 tax deductible attorney’s fees

Not all attorney’s fees are tax-deductible, but many are. The 2016 tax deductible attorney’s fees generally include those that can be written off as a business expense. So, fees for services like business planning sessions, commercial litigation, and trademark research and rights acquisition are likely tax deductible.

You can even pre-pay attorney’s fees for 2017 calendar year and deduct those fees from your 2016 taxable year.

Some of our popular tax-deductible legal services include contract drafting and contract review, real estate closing for a commercial property or for a business that buys and sells residential real estate, business incorporation services, business tax preparation, and business immigration.

Business immigration includes filing and acquiring all necessary documents in order to move an employee or owner to the Unites States from abroad. Our office offers quick and accurate visa services.

Some services that are not tax-deductible include creating contracts or review contracts for an individual (unless that individual is a business owner/ sole proprietor), real estate closing for an individual, estate planning, probate, will drafting, individual tax preparation, and individual or family immigration matters.

Schedule a free initial consultation today to discuss your legal needs and determine whether your attorney’s fees would qualify as 2016 tax deductible attorney’s fees.

Don’t forget: Pay your attorney’s fees before December 31, 2016 to qualify for a tax deduction for the 2016 taxable year.

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