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5 Benefits of Florida Private Trials

5 Benefits of Florida Private TrialsThere is more than one way to litigate a claim in Florida without going to court. One of those ways is to have a private trial. Not many people are aware that they can have a private trial, but the option is available to almost anyone. Before filing your complaint, consider these 5 Benefits of Florida Private Trials:

  1. Litigate a Claim without Going to Court: Skip the formalities and stress of taking your case to a public trial, and litigate your claim in a private office, conference room, or even your own living room.
  2. Keep it Private: No one has to know your business. In Florida, there are sunshine laws that make almost all civil proceedings open to the media and any other member of the public. For private trials, your case doesn’t have to be litigated under a spotlight. Keep the case as quiet as possible by having the trial at your office or in your home.
  3. Lower Cost: Going to court costs a lot of time and money for the scheduling, traveling, waiting, and having to hire an attorney as a representative. If a party to the claim is an LLC or a Corporation, Florida law requires it to hire an attorney to represent it in litigation. In a private trial, a company can represent itself, so it doesn’t have to pay attorney’s fees to represent it. Though your judge in a private trial for a reasonable fee that is pennies on the dollar compared to the cost of litigating a public trial.
  4. Faster Justice: Don’t wait for your judge’s calendar to open up. You can have a private trial tomorrow if you’d like.
  5. Choose Your Judge: Don’t leave the decision to chance. A Florida private trial allows both parties to agree on a presiding judge for your case. The judge can be almost anyone—a trusted attorney, a retired judge, or even an experienced mediator.

So long as both parties agree on the private trial process, you can have your case decided in a matter of weeks. The judgment issued by the judge in a private trial is binding and enforceable just like a judgement in a public trial.

If you have any questions about private trials in Florida or would like to discuss your case and potential remedies, contact one of our experienced Florida civil litigation attorneys today.

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