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Baby Boomer Estate Planning

For the baby boomer generation, periodically evaluating your estate planning can be as important as going in for regular medical checkups.  Estate planning is one of the best ways to manage the distribution of assets bought and sold and the changing beneficiaries who may receive them.  Effective estate planning also eliminates the death tax and ensures the proper distribution of inheritance gifts.  Individuals can avoid the costly court procedure known as probate by taking a few protective measures.

When these matters are not timely addressed, they may create an unexpected burden for individuals, caused by events such as retirement or the death of a loved one.  Whether it concerns your life insurance, investments, tax returns or retirement, contact Boyer Law Firm and its attorneys experienced in estate planning to learn how you can protect your assets from these unnecessary costs today.

Source: “What Boomers Need to Know About Estate Planning,” Casey Dowd.

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