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Buying an Existing Business

Buy an existing business | Florida business attorney jacksonville, orlando, miamiIf want to run your own business, you have two options: start one from scratch or buy an existing business. By purchasing an existing business, you can build on what the previous owners have already created and add your own personality in order to create a business of your own.

There are many businesses currently for sale throughout Florida. For example, the following businesses are currently for sale in Palm Beach County:


1. A 1,400 square foot Pizza Shop in a shopping center in North Palm Beach County. The business is successful, but the owner currently has other business interests.

–          Purchase Price: $185,000
–          Gross Sales (2012): $264,000
–          Net Profit (2012): $95,300

2. A 2,000 square foot Security Guard Company in West Palm Beach. The business has been established for 12 years and supplies security guards to hotels, banks, construction sites, shopping centers, and special events. The owner is retiring.

–          Purchase Price: $550,000
–          Gross Sales: $452,191
–          Net Profit: $166,611

3. A 1,200 square foot Deli Restaurant in Wellington. The business currently has short hours of operation. The purchaser of the business could choose to keep these short hours or extend them. The owner is selling the business because he is moving out of state.

–          Purchase Price: $199,900
–          Gross Sales (2012): $396,260
–          Net Profit (2012): $155,380

If you are interested in buying an existing business, need help finding a business to purchase, or already know what business you want to purchase, contact Boyer Law Firm today. We have successfully assisted clients with the purchase of businesses, including gas stations, restaurants, and more.

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