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Boyer Law Closes Short Sale Saving Home

Boyer Law Closes Short Sale Saving Home: A local Jacksonville realtor came to us for our help with Client G who was about to lose their home if they did not close as soon as possible on short sale. As the closing agent and attorney for seller we were able to negotiate with the Bank to extend the closing date and drafted all necessary documents including the HUD for the bank to approve. Once the bank approved the short sale closing, we were ready to close.

Boyer Law Closes Short Sale Saving Home

We closed on the property and the buyer and sellers including the bank were completely satisfied. It is so important to hire a Florida real estate attorney that knows specific laws and regulations in your area, such as Miami, Orlando or Jacksonville. Some of the main advantage points of hiring a real estate attorney is: Ensuring that you receive clear title to your new property; Drafting and explaining to you the appropriate documents; Finalize closing and register the deed in your name.

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