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Clients and Lawyers Seek French Boutique Firms

The French legal market is global in nature. As such, French firms, both large and small, service international clients on a routine basis, but many attorneys and clients are looking to smaller, more specialized boutique firms. There are a number of reasons both client and attorney are seeking out the smaller firms.

Whether it is a young lawyer or an experienced partner, there are incentives to enter a boutique firm rather than a large international firm. The boutique firms offer a better “life/work balance” as more freedom. There are less people to report to, no overseas management to keep in the loop, and much lower overhead to continue operating. Another reason is that boutique firms often have a “niche”, which is historically the role of boutique firms, especially in France. This enables attorneys to work in a particular area of law and become more than competent in the area; they become experts.

Clients and Lawyers Seek French Boutique Firms
The fact that attorneys at boutique firms in France are able to specialize in a particular area is often what draws potential clients. Clients can get the same knowledge of law and practice at a large international firm, but often at a higher price within a more complex billing structure. The small size of the firm also enables the attorneys to communicate more effectively with one another, as well as with the client. Being able to communicate more effectively with clients allows boutique firms to create a more personal and loyal relationship with their clientele.

Boyer Law Firm works with attorneys and clients overseas, and provides services to foreign and domestic clients here in the States. We are here to provide clients with the know-how and efficiency of a large firm, but with more of the feel of a boutique firm serving an international clientele.

Information for this article was obtained from Corporate Counsel Magazine.

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