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Contractor Caution

Contractor CautionChoosing the right contractor is just as important as negotiating terms. The purchase of a home or commercial space represents a significant investment. But often it is only the first step because to be inhabitable or exploitable, renovation may be necessary.

Much of the difficulty lies in choosing the right contractor. Many contractors promise you a specified time frame for the building process. They give you an itemized quote and a total amount that you partially pay upfront. But what the contractor has failed to tell you is the time involved beyond the physical work. Additional time is required to obtain building permits and to validate the work at each step by a city building inspector. If he finds violations to the city’s building code, he will order the repair of the work and will schedule a new inspection. Once the inspector considers the project to be in compliance, he authorizes commencement of the next stage of construction.

Construction Delays Cost YOU! These delays only affect you because the time to initiate payment on the property loan is quickly approaching, while continuing to pay for construction.

You are in a pickle!  You have no way to recover late fees or procure any other form of repair. Apart from the construction deposit, you have no contract to put pressure on the contractor.

Before engaging in work with a contractor, it is vital to have a real written contract to protect you in the event of project delays, defects or other incidents. An experienced lawyer can assist you in the preparation of such a contract or in a dispute, should one arise.

If you are contemplating a construction project or have experienced contractor issues, contact Boyer Law Firm, P.L. for prevention of such issues.

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