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Do you need a contract?

Whether you are entering into an agreement with a private party to buy or sell a vehicle, creating an employment contract with a contractor or subcontractor, a contract for the maintenance for your boat, or any number of things, it is wise to have a written contract. While any person can legally write a contract and have all parties to the contract sign and date it, it is wise to enlist the help of a practicing attorney. The sequence of words, the placement of a comma, and the structure of each sentence can create an obligation or liability that one or both of the parties did not intend. It is also possible for one party to create a contract that will heavily favor them in the eyes of the court, leaving the other party with all the obligations and liabilities, which they may not fully comprehend.

It is in the parties’ best interest to form a contract that will create a “win-win” situation; one that will benefit both parties and address both parties’ needs. Another reason to form a contract is that it will spell out exactly what will happen if and when one party does not perform an obligation they agreed to in the contract. If one party does not do something they are supposed to do, or does not do it at the proper time, it can create a situation where a court will order them to perform a specific act, pay some amount of money to the other party, or a number of other things.

Don’t be left in a situation where you are not sure of what you are legally obligated to do. If you are entering into some form of agreement with one or more people, make the call to Boyer Law Firm. We have handled a number of contracts which include international business transactions, maritime vessel repair and maintenance, and more.

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