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Does US Immigration Check Facebook

 Does US Immigration Check FacebookSo, does US immigration check Facebook? Right now it’s not clear. They could check Facebook, Twitter, Tmblr, or any other social media account, but we wouldn’t know about it. A new proposed plan threatens to make social media stalking an official part of the immigration process.

If you are planning on applying for a U.S. visa anytime soon, you better think twice before you tweet. The plan being worked on by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security would allow immigration officials to reject visa applicants (even investor visas!) based on what they post on their social media accounts.

 If they go through with the new plan, immigration officials would soon be able to look at (and officially consider) your entire social media history. So start privatizing your accounts and watch what you say!

Read a full article on the new plan here.

If you have questions about the new plan and your social media account, contact Attorney Francis Boyer today. 

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