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Drawing a Florida Will

Any adult of sound mind is entitled to make a will. However in there are a few technical requirements a will must fulfill:

• The will must be signed by at least two witnesses. The witnesses must watch you sign the will, though they don’t need to read it. Your witnesses, in most states, must be people who won’t inherit anything under the will. (If your state allows “holographic” wills, you don’t need witnesses.)

• You must date and sign the will.

You don’t have to have your will notarized. In many states, though, if you and your witnesses sign an affidavit (sworn statement) before a notary public, you can help simplify the court procedures required to prove the validity of the will after you die.

You do not have to record or file your will with any government agency, although it can be recorded or filed in a few states. Just keep your will in a safe, accessible place and be sure the person in charge of winding up your affairs (your executor) knows where it is.

Florida law has specific requirements to make a valid will and to avoid probate proceedings.

If you are interested in creating a will to set up security for your future, please contact Boyer Law Firm as we have mastered the provisions and tailored our forms to provide maximum security for you future when creating your Florida Will.

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