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EB-5 visa: a sure U.S. residency opportunity

EB-5 visa: a sure U.S. residency opportunityWith the recent immigration reforms on the government’s agenda, Green Cards aspirants around the world might want to reevaluation their immigration options to live their American dreams. Among these options is the EB-5 visa.

The EB-5 program was created in 1990 to stimulate the U.S. economy and as such, it represents a sure U.S. residency opportunity for the eligible applicants and their spouses and unmarried children under 21.

To be eligible for an EB-5 visa, the applicant needs to invest in a new commercial enterprise and plan to create or preserve at least 10 full-time employments for qualifying U.S. workers in the United States within two years upon approval of the EB-5.

The pros and cons of the EB-5 visa:

The main advantage of getting an EB-5 visa is that it enables the beneficiary to get immediately a residency permit in the United States upon approval of the visa application. This benefit is extended to the beneficiary’s spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21.

As the EB-5 visa is a form of investor visa, all potential investors are welcomed and make the outcome of their application more sure than any other visa.

However, the applicant must be very careful while choosing the existing EB-5 investment programs as they do not present all criteria to make it a safe investment. Boyer Law firm can review with you your investment program and check the feasibility of the project before assisting you in preparing the application.

Let us know if you have any question about the EB-5 visa or any immigration related matters. We would be happy to discuss them with you.

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