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Florida Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate refers to a building or land designed to generate profit from capital gain or rental income, such as a storefront, apartment complex, office building, mall, etc.

Florida Commercial Real EstateCommercial real estate transactions can be must more complicated than residential real estate transactions. Hiring a Florida commercial real estate attorney is essential. Always have a commercial real estate attorney review a commercial lease agreement BEFORE you sign it. Remember, a lease agreement is a contract which can run up to 75 pages long! We have received many calls from people attempting to get out of a bad commercial lease agreement, and their issues could have been solved in a much more straightforward and cost-efficient way if they had hired an attorney to review the lease before they signed it.

Here at Boyer Law Firm, we concentrate on buying and selling  commercial properties, and we handle commercial rentals and landlord/tenant issues. Our commercial real estate attorneys can help you with determining whether you should buy or rent the property. Contact our office today to see how our Florida real estate attorneys can assist you.

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