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Florida Condominium Elections Under Investigation

fraud alert: Florida condominium elections under investigationMany of the Florida condominium elections under investigation currently by the state of Florida are suspected of using fraudulent ballots. After reports that more than 100% of condo owners participated in various Home Owners Association elections, state officials are taking a closer look at the abuses of power at play.

The reports came after some of the owners noticed that their signatures had been forged on recent ballots. The owners whose signatures had been forged had been out of town during the elections, so they could not have possibly voted. Yet, a count of the votes showed that every owner had voted—and some had even voted more than once!

Apparently, this came as no big surprise to many South Floridians. Florida has frequently faces many difficulties fighting fraud and bribes to members of the board of directors and the administrative companies that they hire. From mismanagement of financial assets to election fraud, members and owners of Florida condos need to make a habit of checking their board of directors or management team. Make sure your vote is not going to a cause or a person you don’t believe it. If you are out of the state and need assistance managing your Florida property, considering hiring an experienced real estate attorney who knows how to maintain your investment.

For more information about the South Florida election fraud or for more information about this article, contact Boyer Law Firm today.

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