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Florida Foreign Will Probate

Florida Foreign Will ProbateFlorida foreign will probate (also known as Ancillary Probate, or Secondary Probate) is unavoidable if a non-Florida resident dies while owning property in Florida. The process can be simpler than the regular probate process. Though the personal representative (“PR”) still has the legal duty to hire a Florida attorney to oversee the process. One reason it’s required is because the PR of the estate is solely responsible for making sure the ancillary probate proceeding is entered and properly executed. The state wants to guarantee that the PR doesn’t mess up, so they require him or her to hire an attorney.

Ancillary probate is also required for all resident aliens and non-use citizens.

Boyer Law Firm focuses its practice on the Florida probate process. We are no stranger to the ancillary probate process. Most of our clients are international. So whether you are a resident or a non-resident of Florida, our firm has the resources and the experience to assist you in all your estate matters, from setting up a trust or will to entering and administering the probate.

If you have any estate questions or would like to know more about Florida foreign will probate, contact Attorney Francis Boyer today.

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