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Florida Lawyer as Registered Agent

Florida Lawyer as Registered AgentUnder Florida law, the registered agent for a company does not have to be a lawyer, accountant, or service company. The registered agent could be an officer or director of the company. That would make sense because it would help make sure that important notices are received by the right people. Though a Florida lawyer as registered agent would guarantee that the right person always receives notice.

However, if the person who needs to receive the notice is a very busy individual, it probably wouldn’t make sense to name him or her as registered agent for the company.

Naming a frequent traveler as a registered agent doesn’t make the best sense, because when the registered agent goes out of town, all the mail and notices for the company will still go to the address of that registered agent. The last thing a company wants is getting a default judgment on a claim just because the registered agent was out of town or on vacation.

“Hiring a Florida lawyer as registered agent for your company ensures that the right person gets notice on time every time.”

Hiring a Florida Attorney as your company’s registered agent ensures that the right person gets notice on time every time. Of course, if the company’s owner or officer is not very busy, or knows that they will be available to receive service and notice, then that company probably doesn’t need to hire a third party to be registered agent.

If your company’s registered agent is an on-the-go type person, leaving town regularly for business or pleasure, contact attorney Francis Boyer today to discuss hiring a Florida lawyer as a registered agent.

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