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Florida Probate Process: Do You Have a Plan?

Florida probate processWhen a loved one passes away, their Florida bank accounts and other assets in Florida must go through the Florida probate process, unless they are protected by an estate plan, such as if they are assets in a trust. This is one of the reasons that proper estate planning is so important.

If your loved one passed away in Florida, then the Florida probate process will be the principle probate matter. Ancillary probate matters may also need to be conducted by the Person Representative in other states or countries depending on where the assets of the estate are located.

If the deceased passed away in another state or country, then the assets in Florida will go through an ancillary probate process, and the distribution of those assets may be based on the jurisdiction of the location in which the deceased passed away, unless they had a proper estate plan in place for their Florida assets.

If the deceased owned a safe deposit box in Florida, then part of the probate process will often be for the personal representative to visit the bank with a court order to take an inventory of the safe deposit box. However, the bank will not allow anything to be removed from the safe deposit box (other than a will) until the probate process has been completed.

If you have recently suffered the loss of a loved one, then contact Boyer Law Firm, P.L. today to see how we can assist you through the Florida probate process. There are different types of administration options that take different amounts of time. The process we use will be determined by the value of the assets of the estate of the deceased.

A Personal Representative must be represented by an attorney while administering an estate through the Florida probate process according to Florida Law.

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