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Florida Small Business Then and Now

Florida Small Business then and nowOwning a Florida small business is drastically different than it was 25 years ago when Rhonda Abrams started her first company. Here are the differences that she has noticed betweeen Florida small business then and now:

–          Start-up costs are less expensive: Desktop publishing alone has decreased the need for small businesses to go to graphic designers to print simple things like stationary and letterheads. Although graphic designers can still be useful to small businesses, you can save a lot of money by learning to do part of the work yourself.

–          Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur: Twenty-five years ago, the goal of most business graduates was to work for a large corporation. Today, business graduates are striving to open their own businesses.

–          Start-up financing is easier to find: Angel Investors did not exist twenty-five years ago, and small business loans were only for larger, established businesses.

–          Small business diversity is respected more: Small business now encompasses every market you can imagine. Twenty-five years ago, a small business usually meant a dry cleaner or corner store.

–          Large corporations want small business customers: Today, corporations have entire divisions just to reach and serve small companies.

–          The internet: What a wonderful tool for small businesses! The internet allows small businesses to easily market their company, have the most up-to-date technology, and work from anywhere.

–          Speed: Everything is now instantaneous.

–          Global competition: The business world, including small businesses, has become globalized.

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Source: Florida Today

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