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Foreign Nationals get Great Deals on Cars in US

Foreign Nationals get Great Deals on Cars in U.S: Will you or someone you know be moving to the United States and need a car? Whether you are moving to the United States or just visiting you can get a great deal on a car. One-way to get hold of a deal on a car is to contact ExpatRide. ExpatRide is a company that helps people with deals when they buy or lease a car. There is no car make or model that it out of reach. So long as your finances can match up with the payments for the vehicle, you can drive any car you wish.

Foreign Nationals get Great Deals on Cars in US

In order to obtain a lease through ExpatRide, you must have the lease for at least twelve months. However, if you acquire the need to get out of your lease (or purchase) contract, ExpatRide can help you do so with less financial penalties than if you had dealt directly through a dealership. Interest rates through ExpatRide are generally between 4.5% and 5.5%. The question of whether to purchase or lease a car depends on your situation.

If you are coming to the United States to look for a home, or just to visit, ExpatRide has a partnership with Enterprise. Rentals range anywhere from 1 day to 12 months and ExpatRide’s partnership with Enterprise offers rates even lower than those normally offered by Enterprise. In addition to the great deals offered by ExpatRide, the company does not need to know your credit score and will help raise your credit score in the United States. ExpatRide can even help you get a car without a United States driver’s license before or after you enter the country.
Foreign Nationals get Great Deals on Cars in US
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