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Hire an Attorney for Your Civil Litigation

We’ve been asked you should hire an attorney for your civil litigation casesa lot “Why Should I Hire an Attorney for My Civil Litigation Case?” So, we decided to compile a list of the top 5 reasons you should hire an attorney for your civil litigation cases like divorce, breach of contract, suing for damages, etc.

A civil litigation case is almost any case that goes to court that is not a criminal case. The litigation process includes the trial but also includes the pre-trial procedures like hearings, depositions, mediation, etc. Civil litigation also includes post-trial procedures such as enforcement of judgments, domestication of foreign judgments, and appeals. All the procedures and rules can be overwhelming for someone representing themselves (we call a person who represents themselves “pro se”). The justice system doesn’t give slack to pro se cases. The same rules apply; the same procedure must be followed; and the other party is going to fight just as hard as if the pro se party was represented by an attorney.

5 reasons you should hire an attorney for your civil litigation cases:

1. The law is complicated. This one might seem intuitive, but it never ceases to surprise us how much people think they can learn from watching a season of Law & Order. The fact of the matter is, the law is complicated—and it changes all the time. Ever-changing laws makes it even more difficult to know for what law applies. An attorney is trained in the law and knows the rules and procedures, recognizes and sol
ves problems, and investigates and evaluates facts. An attorney also knows how to challenge and suppress evidence. An attorney knows how to file court documents.

2. Attorneys are objective. Most people involved in civil litigation have an emotional stake in the case. The case is probably the most important thing going on in that person’s life. It is time-consuming, expensive, and nerve-wracking. Although the attorney you hire is on your side, his lack of emotional investment allows him or her to see things more clearly and to come to a more rational solution. The attorney is acting on facts, not reacting to emotions. Since the law is built on rational thinking, an emotional detachment is ideal.

3. It can cost more not to hire an attorney. Civil litigation cases can greatly hurt you financially. Hiring a lawyer for your civil litigation case is like hiring an accountant to do your taxes; you may have to pay up front, but you will net more money in the long run. You can also claim legal fees in civil litigation.

4. A lawyer can resolve the issue with a good settlement, if necessary. A lawyer usually has a “ballpark” idea of how the case will play out in court. They will be able to determine if a settlement is your best option, and they will help to negotiate the settlement in your favor. Mediation is just one example of when settlement becomes a big deal.

5. Attorneys have experience. An attorney has probably worked on or studied your type of case before. He can use these precedents to develop a better strategy, use better examples of case laws, and avoid pitfalls.

If you need a civil litigation lawyer in Florida or have any questions, please contact me at Boyer Law Firm.

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