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8 Horror Divorce Stories

Did you know that as of 2020, there are 2.7 divorces for every 1,000 people in the US? Unfortunately, divorce is no laughing matter, and often, more than just the couple in question is hurt throughout the process.

Are you going through a nasty divorce? Look at these horror divorce stories and take solace in the fact that it could always be worse.

1. Political Differences Causing the End of Marriage

Political differences can put a wrench in any relationship, whether it is work, friendship, or marriage.

In 2017, a California woman, Gayle McCormick, discovered that her husband voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election. She found out during lunch with some friends and later stated that she felt betrayed by his decision.

As a result, she re-evaluated the marriage and discovered fundamental differences between the two. She also stated that she regretted the compromises she made over the years.

 2. Two-Faced Marriage

Makeup can drastically change a person’s appearance, sometimes for better or worse. Regardless of the final result, the wearer should feel comfortable in their skin, with or without.

However, in 2016, a groom decided that his new bride was no longer good enough without makeup when he finally saw her natural face. He accused her of deception after they went for a swim, and her makeup was gone.

After the swim, the husband had no interest in the relationship and divorced her immediately.

3. Ziploc Bags of Revenge

One should celebrate when a person exits a toxic relationship. However, this revenge story might be a bit too much.

After the divorce, this Redditor said that their client hid around 20-30 bags of ground beef throughout the house.

It took the owner many months to find them in the craziest spots.


  • Vent
  • Attic
  • Behind appliances

4. Too Much Love

Too much of a good thing is no longer good. Unfortunately, this was true for a woman in Nigeria who, after the wedding, attempted to consummate the marriage with her husband.

She said that her husband’s penis was simply too large. She even took medication to help with the pain but said it was “too much to bear.”

The husband accepted his fate without a fight, and they dissolved the marriage.

5. Don’t Gamble With Love

Some people gamble for a living and make good money with it! However, for most of us, gambling is a vice we need to keep in check.

Unfortunately, a Russian man didn’t have the foresight to do so when he bet his wife in a game of cards. As a result, when he lost the bet, his wife felt (rightly so!) humiliated, and he lost her in the process.

The wife said he was handsome and charming, and though she was happy with him, she could not let this slide.

6. Excessive Sex

Many people underestimate the importance of compatible sex. While sex shouldn’t be the foundation of a relationship, it is a huge factor in the happiness of a couple.

When two people have different sex drives, it is difficult to come to a happy compromise.

As such, a man discovered that his relationship was on the line when his wife forced him to have “unnatural sex” after getting him drunk and offering drugs.

His wife even threatened to cheat on him without a care about his feelings if he did not participate. Even after hospitalization, he constantly had to perform during his recovery because of unrelated health issues.

His health declined due to her sexual demands. This happened again a year later when he was again hospitalized. Again, she did not allow him to rest.

Finally, he petitioned to dissolve the marriage, and since the wife did not show up for her hearings, the Judge granted him the petition.

7. Let It Go

When the movie “Frozen” was released, kids from around the world sang the song “Let It Go” with Elsa as she froze the world around her.

Unfortunately, a Japanese woman was shocked to hear when her husband told her that he didn’t like the movie.

In response, she said there was something really wrong with a person if they didn’t like Frozen and decided to let the six-year relationship go when he asked her if he thought it was that good.

8. Surprise Restraining Order

Finally, we get to a truly horrifying example of divorce stories where a man comes home to find the locks changed and the police waiting for him.

Unknown to him, his wife filed a restraining order against him, as suggested by her lawyer. Since he was in violation of the restraining order, he was promptly arrested as the cops were called prior to his anticipated arrival.

As a result, the cops charged him with a felony that became part of his permanent record. He later lost custody of the kids and child support because of said felony.

The wife set up a trap with her lawyer to make sure she got everything in the divorce. Now, the state the man lived in changed the laws and actually required proof of danger before one can file for a restraining order.

How to Protect Yourself Against Outrageous Divorces

Divorce is always a complex and emotional process, but some divorces can be more complex and contentious than others.

First, it is important to be realistic about the situation. Divorce is never easy, but try to maintain a positive attitude and focus on the future.

Second, be prepared to hire a team of professionals to help you navigate the divorce process. This may include an attorney, a financial advisor, and a therapist.

Third, make sure to keep detailed records of all your assets and debts. This will make it easier for your attorney to negotiate on your behalf and ensure you receive a fair settlement.

Finally, try to avoid making any major decisions during the divorce process. This includes decisions about selling your home or changing jobs. Instead, focus on caring for yourself and let your attorney handle the rest. Following these simple tips can help protect yourself against an outrageous divorce.

Horror Divorce Stories: Prepare Yourself

These divorce stories don’t have to be yours. However, if you are planning on a divorce, it is best to hire an attorney at law that specializes in family law.

Are you looking for a lawyer in Florida? Contact us today!

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