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How a Debt Collection Attorney Can Help Me

How a Debt Collection Attorney Can Help Me: Debt collectors are required to abide by strict rules under both Florida Law and Federal Law. Those rules are designed to protect both the consumer and the integrity of the American credit system.

What are my rights under the debt collection laws?

Within five (5) days of the first communication by a debt collector to a consumer, the debt collector must give the consumer a 30 day notice of the right to dispute the debt. If the consumer provides written notice of her intention to dispute the debt, then the debt collector must stop all collection activities until it obtains and provides the consumer with verification of the debt.

Regardless of whether you dispute the debt, you can ask the debt collector to stop all contact. If you do this, the debt collector can only contact you one more time to inform you of whether it intends to file a lawsuit.

How can an experienced fair debt collection practices attorney help me?

If you have been harassed by a debt collector, an experienced attorney will be able to sue on your behalf for damages. If you prevail, the debt collector has to pay attorneys’ fees and court costs, as well.

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