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How can I get Permanent Residence in the US?

Permanent Residence in the US | Florida Immigration Attorney Jacksonville, Orlando, MiamiAlthough there are many changes being debated about immigration reform, there are currently only a few ways to get a visa that could lead to permanent residence in the US: investing in a business, having a family member who is a U.S. citizen petition for you, or obtain a work visa, such as an L1.

An L1 visa is an for executives and managers who have been transferred from the office of a company located in a different country to an existing office of that same company in the United States. If you receive an L1 visa, you will be offered an initial stay of either one or three years. After that period, you will get a reassessment done on your visa status and potentially be offered permanent residence.

If you choose the investment path, an EB5 visa is the quickest path to a green card. An EB5 investment visa requires an investment of $1,000,000 into a new commercial enterprise, or $500,000 if the area you are investing in has a high unemployment rate or is in a rural area. The business must also create or maintain 10 full-time jobs. After two years, a reassessment will be done, and, if your business is doing well, you may be offered permanent residence. An EB5 visa allows you to literally “buy your way” into the United States.

The third option is a family petition. If you have an immediate relative who is a US citizen or permanent resident, they can petition for you to become a permanent resident.

At this time, owning, buying, or investing in real estate is not a path to permanent residence.

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