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That depends on the following factors:

–          What type of US Visa you want. Different visas have different standards and require different documentation. A temporary visa, such as a B-Visa, will not take as long as an investor visa, such as an E-2.

–          How quickly you provide your attorney with primary documents. You are the only person with access to these important documents, such as birth certificates, identification cards, and marriage licenses.

–          How quickly you provide your attorney with supplementary documents. Here at Boyer Law Firm, we strive to complete matters as quickly and efficiently as possible, but there are certain aspects we cannot complete until we have certain documents from the clients.

–          How quickly the USCIS or Consulate processes your application.  We check up on your application on a regular basis, but these are still government agencies infamous for taking their time.

The most important thing while going through the immigration process is constant communication. Visa and green card applications can be extremely complicated and require meticulous attention to detail. If you are interested in applying for a visa, contact Boyer Law Firm, PL, today.

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