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How to Make Large Online Purchases

Online purchases are almost as common as going to the mall nowadays. People buy everything online: clothes, collectibles, toys, and even cars.

Anytime you buy or sell something online, you have the potential to become a victim of fraud. If you are the buyer, the seller may not deliver your item, and if you are the buyer, the seller may not pay. Sites like EBay have put procedures into place to protect this type of thing from happening, but when you are making a large purchase, relying on these procedures is not the best idea; You should use a reliable escrow service to process the deal.

If you are going through an individual broker or buying a car or other large item through a non-reputable source, then it is that much more important to use an escrow agent.

We have seen too many people who have had the joys of buying their dream car turn into a nightmare of litigation. If you are thinking about purchasing anything online or from overseas that has a large sales price, contact Boyer Law Firm, PL to act as your escrow agent.

If you have fallen victim to online or overseas purchasing fraud, contact Boyer Law Firm, PL to discuss your potential litigation case.

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