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Huge US Immigration Backlog

Huge u.s. immigration backlogIt’s more important than ever to make sure your immigration application is filed accurately. The federal government has recently announced that the federal immigration court is facing a huge US immigration backlog of more than 500,000 pending cases. The accumulation of cases means that newly applied immigrants are likely to face years-long delays before their case is finally decided.

Despite the buildup of cases, certain immigration statuses still get priority over the rest. Certain visa applications are reviewed within a matter of months. An experienced attorney knows which immigration status will most likely land you in the U.S. the quickest. An immigration attorney also knows exactly how to properly and quickly comply with each immigration application.

Many applicants who do not hire an experienced immigration attorney make mistakes on the application or forget to comply with all the rules. Even the most minor error on an immigration application can severely slow down the application process – a delay you can’t afford. Hiring an attorney allows you to skip the headache and worry of wondering whether you’re doing it right. The attorney takes the lead on the application, informs you when and how you need to take action on your application, and keeps you informed of the progress.

Why risk waiting unnecessarily for months or even years to get an answer? To schedule an appointment to discuss your unique immigration needs or for more information about this article, contact Attorney Francis Boyer today.

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