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6 Tips for Hiring an International Business Lawyer

Is your business involved in global mergers and acquisitions (M&A)? PwC announced that M&A deals exceeded 62,000 in 2021. This represents a 24 percent increase since 2020.

Experts expect global economic optimism to remain strong in 2022. Thus, it’s key for your business to have a trusted international business lawyer at your side.

This will ensure that you’re compliant with different countries’ laws. You’ll also have their knowledgeable consultation to make optimal business decisions.

So how do you find the best and most trustworthy international business lawyer? Keep reading to find tips to help with your decision-making.

  1. Determine if Your Case Involves International Business Law

International law addresses the principles and rules covering interactions with other nations. It also handles issues between individuals and states and relationships with international organizations.

Public international law addresses trade and commerce. This often involves following laws governing transactions between different jurisdictions.

Part of an international business lawyer’s job is to stay abreast of all rules and changes. This includes understanding the pertinent details of trade agreements between countries.

Property licensing rights vary from country to country worldwide. You may develop intellectual property in one country and produce it in another. Then you might want to sell licenses for its use in other countries.

Each step of this process falls under different jurisdictions and laws. This can make a big impact on transaction negotiations.

Different countries set taxes, tariffs, and other trade regulations independently. These issues may allow for modification as part of trade negotiations and agreements.

Do your business dealings involve these types of issues? If so, it’s in your best interest to hire an experienced international business lawyer.

  1. Look for a Board Certified International Business Lawyer

First, it’s key to ensure that you’re hiring an attorney with experience in international business matters. Florida is the only state in the U.S. that offers the International Law Board Certification. This unique specialization handles cross-border domestic and international legal cases.

Lawyers working for this board certification submit to a rigorous process of evaluation. The International Law Certification Committee includes nine members that oversee each step. Proudly, our very own managing attorney, Francis M. Boyer, B.C.S. is one of the nine members.

Candidates must have at least five years of experience practicing law in the U.S. or abroad. They’re also required to hold a Master of Laws (LLM) degree. This postgraduate law degree is internationally recognized.

The lawyer is required to show completion of 60 hours of continuing legal education. These courses must have approval from the international law certification organization. All continuing education hours must be completed in the previous three years.

Fifty percent of their yearly caseload for the last three years must be international cases. The lawyer submits an application and undergoes a peer-review process. Last, they must successfully pass the Florida Board Certification exam.

  1. What to Look for When Comparing Law Firms

It’s valuable to explore several law firms before making a decision. Thomson Reuters outlines positive qualities found in successful law firms. This can serve as a guide for your evaluation.

  • Are they proactive in mitigating risk?
  • Do they have cost/value control measures in place?
  • Do they integrate innovation to increase the value of their services?
  • Do they offer quality, actionable advice?
  • Do they understand your business?
  • What is their usual response rate?

A high-quality firm should ask about your expectations of the business relationship. Describe your biggest challenges and strategic priorities. Ask the firm representative how they can help with these issues.

Make sure you should feel comfortable and valued before hiring a firm.

  1. Consider Firms of All Sizes

Some individuals may believe that you should choose the firm based on its size. Business lawyers in large firms with over 300 attorneys usually have many resources. They are often many offices and extensive paralegals and other staff members.

Many big law firms place a lot of pressure on their lawyers to bill as many hours as possible. In some cases, this can reduce their incentive to work efficiently.

Smaller law firms primarily rely on client satisfaction and their case success reputation. This means a greater focus on your expectations and unique issues. They’re often more responsive and spend more time ensuring that they’re meeting your needs

  1. Ask About the Firm’s Average Turn-Around Time

Ask the firm about processes and procedures they’ve implemented to increase responsiveness. Businesses work to meet their customer’s needs in a timely fashion. You don’t want legal issues prolonging your company’s customer response time.

The Boyer Law Firm uses cutting-edge technology and electronic file systems. This allows every relevant party immediate access to the data needed to work your case. You’ll also often receive updates via email.

They subscribe to specialized software that provides an online gateway for legal research. This gives the legal team rapid and cost-effective access to find relevant information. It also allows them to quickly locate new statutes or case laws related to your case.

This firm also bought the fastest copiers and discounted UPS and FEDEX subscriptions. They’ve installed case management software to optimize scheduling and meet legal deadlines. These details create faster turnaround times to help you get quick solutions.

  1. Ask About the Cost for International Business Legal Help

Before making your final hiring decision, ensure that you understand your financial obligation. Ask for a written fee agreement. This provides a clear explanation of both parties’ financial responsibilities.

Do You Need an International Business Attorney?

Are you facing issues that require an international business lawyer? Boyer Law Firm, P.L. is prepared to help. Francis M. Boyer holds a Florida Bar International Law Board Certification and is one of the nine members sitting on the Florida Bar’s International Law committee.

This makes him one of only 51 of the 90,000 Florida attorneys with this specialization. He’s experienced in business transactions and immigration, litigation, taxation, customs law, and more.

Our firm also handles family law, estate planning, and probate and inheritance cases. Other practice areas include civil litigation, intellectual property, and business and commercial services.

Schedule a case evaluation today to learn how our firm can assist you.

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