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Francis M. Boyer Appointed to International Law Certification Committee

Boyer Law Firm, P.L. is proud to announce that the Florida Bar Association’s President-Elect, Mike Tanner, has appointed managing attorney Francis M. Boyer, B.C.S. to serve on the International Law Certification Committee. Francis, who has been certified by the Florida Bar as a specialist in International Law since 2008, will serve a 3-year term on the certification committee.


What is the Florida Bar Board Certification Program?

The board certification allows the public to choose the best board-certified specialist “To identify those lawyers who practice in the area of international law and have the special knowledge, skills, and proficiency to be properly identified to the public as a board-certified in international law.”


Established in 1982 by The Florida Supreme Court, the Board Certification program allows ‘eligible’ members to become ‘board-certified” in their specialty area of practice. In addition, board-certified attorneys can use ‘board-certified specialist’ or B.C.S. with their legal credentials.

Board certification requires lawyers and attorneys to undergo a rigorous process to evaluate the competency, skills, and proficiency in specified fields of law. It helps the public choose the best lawyers for all types of national and international law cases.

Only 7% of eligible Florida Bar Members, approximately 5181 lawyers, among 27 specialty areas of law are board-certified.


Who is eligible for Board Certification?

An eligible member is a lawyer who is in good standing of the Florida Bar Association and meets the standards prescribed by the Supreme Court according to the U.S. federal law requirements and internationally accepted standards.


How Does International Law Board Certification Stand Out from Other Board-Certified Areas of Practice?

The demand for professional, expert international lawyers in various fields such as cross-border transactions and international partnerships has grown rapidly. As a result, the legal industry is expanding throughout the globe with a huge demand for international board-certified lawyers.

Lawyers who seek to be board certified in international law should ideally have a high level of expertise, a vast portfolio of international cases and a diverse set of professional on-hand experience with various types of clients in international law.

Remember that international law being a diverse field on its own also involves a broad-spectrum intersection of domestic law such as trade laws, property rights, real estate laws, international taxation, customs, immigration, etc. Hence, the public must have access to a professional, competent lawyer who has expertise in both domestic and international law fields.

International law certification is a very rigorous process. Moreover, the U.S. has only 51 attorneys board-certified in international law. Hence, there is a considerable demand for qualified international attorneys for various cross-border conflicts in a rapidly globalized era. Florida is the only state among the 50 states in the U.S. offering a specialty in international law. The Florida Bar’s slogan ‘Evaluated for professionalism, tested for expertise’ speaks for itself.

The international law board certification stands out in its unique aspect of solving cross-border issues involving both domestic and international legal contexts. Accordingly, each specialization field has its special examination topics. For example, an international law certification applicant is evaluated on major core fields, including International Business, Travel law, internet and e-commerce, Intellectual Property Rights, Customs, Trade, and Export Law, International Transaction Law, International Tax, and Estate Planning, Intellectual Property Rights and much more.

To become board certified in international law, the eligible lawyer has to undergo a rigorous evaluation process through the nine member International Law Certification Committee. Some specific requirements for international law certifications may include:

  • Practice of law for at least five years or more (either in the United States or abroad) with an L.L.M. in international law or related field
  • 60 hours of approved international law certification continuing legal education in the three years immediately preceding application;
  • Substantial involvement in the specific fields of international law, i.e., 50% or more cases in international law — during each of the three consecutive years immediately preceding application;
  • Peer review process;
  • Qualifying written examination formulated by the Florida Board Certification.


About the International Law Board Certification Committee

The International Law Board Certification Committee is comprised of nine members responsible for reviewing the certifications and recertifications of eligible lawyers following the area standards. Based on their evaluation, the committee then recommends approval or denial of the applicant to the BLSE.

In addition, the committee prepares practice area exams according to predetermined standards with test specifications, drafting handbooks, and grading of the applicant exams. Finally, the committee may propose amendments to rules and standards that govern the international law board certification area to ensure the standards are current, attainable, and represent the level of knowledge, skill, and proficiency expected of a certified specialist.


About Francis M. Boyer, B.C.S.

At Boyer Law Firm, Francis M Boyer has been a board-certified specialist in international law since 2008 with tremendous competency and experience in the practice of international law. Boyer is one of only 51 board-certified international law specialists in the United States. The major focus of his practice is litigation, international investment & business matters, probate, estate planning, and international family law matters.

Franics M. Boyer, B.C.S. has a considerable edge in leading world-class international law cases, with an ability to represent clients from diverse nationalities. In addition, he possesses an excellent set of language skills with fluency in four languages.


About Boyer Law Firm, P.L

In a rapidly interconnected global economic landscape, the need for expertise in international law has also skyrocketed. Having access to a professional, internationally board-certified lawyer means excellent representation for international cross-border conflicts ranging from problems in international transactions, business immigration, cybersecurity, etc.

At Boyer Law Firm, we are committed to providing state-of-the-art ease-of-access, necessary skills, and knowledge to the best board-certified international lawyer with global cross-border capabilities.

Solving international cases with a diversity of nationalities of people involved needs expert knowledge and high-level expertise. Such complex matters must not be left to non-professionals claiming to be the best international attorneys. As an international board-certified attorney, Boyer has worked with various interstate and international legal network teams across the Americas, Europe, and Africa. Today a member of the Florida Board Certification Committee, Boyer seeks to aid those professional attorneys aiming to become the best international board-certified attorneys across the United States.

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