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Just Because You Can… Should You?

Would you extract your own tooth? Perform surgery on yourself?

Shopping on amazon for things I don’t really need, I came across a few interesting items. Did you know amazon sells a surgical bone saw? Or a human rib spreader? Or dental extraction tools? Neither did I, until now. And the reviews, very entertaining! While it’s possible to save a little cash in performing surgery on yourself, is it really valuable? Your nerves and emotions prevent you from staying focused. Additionally, you don’t possess the skill or knowledge to perform serious professional work on yourself. 

Along that same lines, should you handle your own legal affairs?

Similarly, the emotional aspect that exists when you are personally invested in a cause can cloud your judgment. Picture it: your partner takes all the profit out of the operating account, signs over all rights to the company to his shell corporation, then disappears. This is your baby, a business you have built from the ground up. Your partner was merely a passive investor and had no say-so in the business until you hit it big. Now he’s taking all your profits and your business?

You must take him to court and all you have is your basic knowledge of business law. You’re too emotion-driven in this fight to lead a serious discussion, much less pose a winning argument to the court. Will you be able to think clearly enough to object when needed? Can you focus enough to anticipate his arguments? Do you know the procedure or the statute well enough?

In addition to being emotionally charged, there are complex procedural requirements of which most people are unaware.

How to put items into evidence, correctly question a witness, or object to a question are all procedures that are learned in law school. If someone does not have the requisite knowledge to handle these topics, they will not be successful in getting their side of the story accurately heard in court. Because they are invested in the case personally, it is hard for them to logically and legally anticipate and defend opposing arguments. This is damaging and often leads to the demise of the case.

So, if you are like me and would not risk pulling your own tooth, I would recommend getting the advice of a sound attorney who has the training and experience to take you through the legal process. They have the knowledge, impartiality, and calm demeanor to take your case through to victory while you may be too saddled with emotions, lack of experience, and inability to see around your own point of view. So, as they say, don’t cut your nose off to spite your face!

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