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Leftover Sellers in your New Home?

Everyone fears sellers staying in your new purchased home after closing.

However, once you have closed, you lose whatever leverage you once had over the sellers. If the sellers decide not to leave after closing you may have some options such as eviction or suing them. It is always best to have the sellers hand over the keys or leave the premises before or upon closing.

June Fletcher of the Wall Street Journal advises that “if all goes well and the seller leaves on the agreed-on day, do another walk-through of the home, even if you already did one before you purchased the house. Flush the toilets, open the windows, turn on the appliances and make sure everything is in good working order. Check your contract to make sure that those things that it stipulated would stay, like chandeliers and window treatments are still there. If you do find something amiss, take photos to prove it.”

If sellers want to stay after closing, before you agree to allow the sellers to stay on, ask your insurance agent if your policy will cover the time period before you take possession. Should your house be damaged or burn down during that time, you need to be protected.

Contact Boyer Law Firm today if this issue sounds like your situation and the sellers have overstayed the agreed on date. Your attorney will be able to help you evict or sue them and protect you from unwanted expenses.
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