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National and Florida Housing Market Projections

National and Florida Housing Market Projections: Experts are saying the spring buying season of 2012 is projected to be the best it has been in “four or five years.” The number of sales for February was up 9% nationally from February of 2011. However, experts are saying, “not all market will move together.” Florida need not worry.

Although the number of home sales in Florida for February did not “match last year’s levels,” the number of homes sold did increase over January and the prices increased over January. The median price of homes not only increased from January to February of 2012, but they also increased from $125,000 in February of 2011 to $134,000 in February of 2012. The number of available homes, however, has decreased but some say that is a good sign.

“John Tuccilo, Florida Realtors Chief Economist, stated, ‘The overall picture that these statistics show is of a stabilizing housing market. While closed sales are down, so are listings and so is inventory. These are signs of a market that’s moving from being a buyer’s market to a balanced market.’”

So, while not all markets will move together in 2012, it appears that Florida’s housing market may be moving ahead.

Information for this article was obtained from USA Today and Loan Rate Update.

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