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New FL Law Requires Email Service for All Cases

New FL Law Requires Email Service for All Cases: The Florida Supreme Court recently adopted Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.516, that will be effective September 1, 2012, which states that every pleading subsequent to the initial pleading and every other document filed in any court proceeding, must be served by electronic mail on every party.

The New FL Law Requires Email Service for All Cases

E-mail service will be mandatory for attorneys in the following areas of law: civil, probate, small claims, appellate cases, and family law divisions.

There are some exceptions to this Rule, which are:

1. Attorneys having no e-mail accounts and lacking access to the Internet;
2. Pro Se Litigants;
3. Applications for Witness Subpoenas; and
4. Documents served by formal notice or required to be served in the manner provided for service of formal notice.

While service on other parties is still an option, only e-mail service is required. This is great for our Firm as we are a “go green” office. Contact us today if you have any questions!


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