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Obtain a B Visa to Help You Apply for Your E2 Visa

Obtain a B Visa | E2 VisaPart of obtaining an E2 Investors Visa is creating an existing business that will thrive. Creating a business can be hard to do while you are overseas, so it is a good idea to obtain a temporary B visa while you are setting up the company. If you obtain a B visa, that will benefit you because you will be able to visit office locations to rent, find staff to hire, speak to suppliers and distributors, and more.

When applying for an E2 visa, it is important to visit office locations in order to find the best fit because that will be the heart of your business. For E2 visas processed in Paris, the Consulate asks that the petitioner to provide them will a signed lease agreement as part of the application. Additionally, you may find a business that you would like to buy instead of starting a business from scratch.

Another reason it is a good idea to obtain a B-visa is to find good employees. One of the requirements of the E2 visa is that the business creates jobs. Finally, a B visa will allow you to meet and develop relationships with local suppliers, distributors, and vendors in order to setup a supply system for your business.

If you are interested in obtaining an E2 visa (Investor’s visa) or B visa (Temporary visa), then contact Boyer Law Firm’s Immigration Attorneys today.

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