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Open a Surf Park in Florida

surf park in FloridaThe new craze in the surfing community is surf parks, massive pools with repeating, artificial waves, and some believe these parks have the potential to push surfing into the Olympics.

A surf parks in Florida, even on the coastal cities, is still viable because they allow surfers to refine their skills and learn new tricks for when they go back out into the ocean.

The ideal business model behind these surf parks would be a 2-acre wave pool capable of generating waves of all sizes while maintaining a consistency among the waves.

Surf parks are an international business. The three biggest and best-known are Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon surf park in Florida, Wadi Adventure in United Arab Emirates, and Wavegarden, a price research and development site in Spain’s Basque country.

“Mother Nature stipulates that surfing only can occur where waves can be born. When man takes his hand to forming the waves, it unlocks the potential of surfing anywhere. And that is the most powerful thing,” said Doug Palladini, president of the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association.

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