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Prices Up, Foreclosures Remains

A number of areas in South Florida have seen a rise in the median list price of houses and other properties over the past year.  Those areas have seen increases in the median list prices for home sales between 15% and as high as 29.5%.  This does not mean that the housing market is back and stable, but it does show hope for Floridians looking to sell and others looking to buy.  The state continues to see foreclosures from north to south and the state’s foreclosure inventory continues to grow.

Both buyers and sellers need to be aware of certain things when contemplating the buying or selling of a house.  Is the market on the upswing or the downswing, can I afford this house, does the seller have good title, what are my options to close, can I put conditions on the sale of my house?  These and other questions are some that people often never ask, but can be important to the seller, the buyer, or both.  If you are thinking about buying or selling property and you need questions answered, or you want the comfort of having an experienced attorney on your side, then please call the Boyer Law Firm.  We are here to help.

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