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Protect Yourself When Starting a Company

You can protect yourself from creditors and other legal hassles when starting a company and we can help. When you are ready to create a company, you can use what many refer to as a nominee director. A nominee director is a person other than you who allows the use of their name on the documents needed to create a company. Using a nominee director can help you “avert or slow lawsuits” and help to avoid other “costly legal situations.” It can slow a creditor’s progress when attempting to link you to the company because your name will not be directly associated with the company.

The use of a nominee director is completely legal and having us at Boyer Law Firm help you can create some added protection. Using an attorney to help set up a nominee director gives you the added protection of having an attorney-client privilege. In addition to the added protection, we can provide you with the legal documents necessary to allow you to conduct business on behalf of the company. For more information, please call our offices today. We will be happy to assist you with your business needs.

For more information about the attorney-client privilege, please read our blog from September 27, 2011 What you can do to maintain your attorney-client privilege.

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