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Requirements to Import Food to Florida and the US

Requirements to Import Food to Florida and the USYour Company Must Be Legally Registered to Do Business

If you are starting a business to import food to Florida and the United States, or import other products, then it is important that your company be legally registered to do business in Florida and any other state in which you conduct business. An experienced Florida business law attorney will be able to assist you in setting up your company in Florida and provide you with legal advice as to the permits and other legal requirements to import food to Florida and the US.

Factors that Contribute to Importing Goods to the US

The regulations for imported food and products will depend on several factors, including:

  • The type of product
  • The country of origin
  • The value/ size of the shipment


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a US Federal agency, enforces the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) along with other federal laws in order to protect consumers in the US. It is the agency’s duty to ensure that both imported and domestic products are safe, sanitary, and labeled according to US requirements, among other requirements. Imported food products are subject to inspection by the FDA at US ports of entry.

The producer from which the importer is obtaining the food, drugs, or cosmetics must be registered with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and it is the importer’s duty to ensure this is the case. Additionally, the importer must provide the FDA with advanced notification of the importation.

What Taxes Am I Required To Pay for To Import Food and Goods?

Importers must pay all applicable Federal excise taxes and duties to U.S. Customs. In Florida, there are also applicable state taxes, and there may be applicable local taxes depending on where you are conducting business in Florida.

For more information on how to import food and goods to the US, contact Boyer Law Firm’s international business lawyers today.

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