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SBA Backs Loans to FL Small Business Exporters

SBA Backs Loans to FL Small Business Exporters: As we become a more “globalized” world, international trade is becoming more popular and more important, especially in the small business world. E-commerce and logistics have allowed Florida small businesses to more easily reach the 96% of consumers who reside outside of the U.S.

By creating a business in Florida and exporting goods and services to other countries, you are receiving the benefits of owning a business in Florida, while still being able to reach a vast arena of consumers. This allows for increased sales and profit opportunities.

South Florida, in particular, is a major hub for international trade activity.

The U.S. Small Business Association (SBA) had loaned over $213 million in the Miami-Dade area alone in the 2012 fiscal year (FY2012). SBA loans in South Florida have increased 25% since the FY2010.

“Loans have been guaranteed for as little as $5,000 all the way up to the new loan limit of $5 million,” SBA Deputy District Director Jonel Hein said.

In addition to facilitating loans, SBA offers counseling and training, export matchmaking conferences, and other information to help small businesses.

Small business increasing their exports helps to create jobs and stimulate the economy of the local community. Creating a business in Florida will benefit you, your employees, and the Florida community.

If you are considering opening a business in Florida, Boyer Law Firm can help you.

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