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The E2 Treaty Investor Visa!

1- What is an E2 visa?
The E2 visa is available to residents of treaty countries entering the US for the following reasons:
i) Develop and direct the operations of an enterprise in which they have invested, or are actively in the process of investing a substantial amount of capital;
ii) Invest substantially in an already-established US enterprise;
iii) Develop and direct investments from the treaty country.

No matter how much time is spent is the US, a Treaty Investor visa will not lead to permanent residency. This categorizes the E2 visa as a non-immigrant visa.

2- Nature of the E2 Visa
The investment should create job opportunities for US workers, although it would be better to have the U.S. workers hired at the time of application for the E2 visa. In order to have a successful visa application, one will demonstrate how the specific enterprise will benefit the US.

3- Requirements for the E2 Visa
The Treaty Investor visa requires investment of a substantial amount of money in advance for approval. The E2 visa requires adjudication at an American Embassy or Consulate, which can take several weeks. In order for the investment to meet the substantial amount requirement, one of the following two tests must be met:
i) It must represent a significant proportion of the total value of the business enterprise; or
ii) It must be sufficient to establish a profitable and viable business of the type contemplated.

4- How long is the E2 visa valid?
This type of visa will typically be issued for five years. Extensions will depend on the level of investment

If you have any other questions or would like to set up your E-2 visa, please contact Boyer Law Firm for further information.

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