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Tort or Torte

Tort or Torte Which one is the dessert your favorite aunt made last year? A tort or torte?  According to Black’s Law Dictionary, a tort is a legal wrong committed on a person or his property. Torte, on the other hand, is a delicious little layered cake.

You usually hear about torts in the context of personal injury law (“Have you been hurt in an accident?”), but there are many other types of torts. There are even torts that help those who have been hurt financially.

“A tort is a legal wrong. A torte is a delicious little layered cake.”

In fact, some torts, like civil theft, could also be grounds for criminal charges. Unlike a criminal charge though, a tort claim can provide a money award to the person who was harmed.

Business torts, also called economic torts, should not be confused with contract claims. Business torts provide a cause of action against anyone who intentionally interferes with a business relationship when you can prove that they knew about the relationship, or deal in-the-making. Contracts, and breaches of contracts, on the other hand, are completely separate and come with their own, separate monetary remedies.

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