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Tourism Boosts South Florida’s Economy

South Florida experienced a record amount of tourism in 2012, mostly from international visitors, and this amount is predicted to be even higher in 2013.

This increase is expected to boost economic growth in South Florida, especially in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. Florida’s economy should grow by 1.7% in the next six months, according to the Miami-Herald.

Business travel is one of the main reasons for the tourism increase, and the “cheapness” of the American dollar is benefiting South Florida businesses because tourists are not just coming to visit; they’re coming to buy and spend money.

New hotels are popping up, and several airlines have increased the number of flights between south Florida and Latin American Countries. Brazilians remain the No. 1 source of overseas travelers, and Broward County’s tourism bureau plans to hire its first representative country in Brazil this budget year.

Whether you are looking to visit or open a business in south Florida, 2013 looks like a great year to do so.


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