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Waivers of Inadamissibility

Waivers of Inadmissibility

Inadmissibility is a term that means a barrier to receiving a visa or green card.   Consequently, in the United States there are specific grounds that can lead to inadmissibility of entry into the U.S.

Grounds for Inadmissibility:

  • Health-related grounds
  • Economic Grounds
  • Criminal Grounds
  • Moral Grounds Violation of Entry or Documentation
  • Other Miscellaneous Grounds

Can you waive grounds of inadmissibility?

In short, it is possible to waive grounds for inadmissibility.  You can request to waive many of these grounds for inadmissibility if eligible.  There are a number of waivers written specifically into sections of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) that allow applicant to waive certain grounds of inadmissibility.  You must obtain waivers of inadmissibility through Customs and Border Protection through an admissibility review office, field office, or port of entry, USCIS or through a Department of State consulate board.

The I-601A form is the basic form for all grounds of inadmissibility.  In general, applicants seeking waivers must complete all sections of the I-601A, sign the form, and pay the correct filing fee.  In seeking waivers of criminal grounds, an applicant must also supply fingerprints, form G-325A, and other related relevant documents.  If accepted, applicants can waive certain grounds for inadmissibility, thus, aiding applicants in obtaining their visa or green card.

Similarly, it is possible to apply to obtain a fee waiver for the I-601A.

If you need assistance with obtaining, filing, or completing your waiver please contact us.  We strongly recommend that you consult an experienced immigration attorney for help preparing this document.  We have experienced attorneys who look forward to helping you with your application.

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