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Wedding Disaster

Wedding DisasterYou have dreamed about this day as long as you can remember.

It is finally time to make your dream come  true. It will take the help of many vendors to create the day of your dreams. You need to depend on the dress maker, caterer,  videographer, florist wedding planner, and more.

To be sure they make your dream come true, you need to state your wish clearly. The best way to is to draft a detailed contract specifying what you want and how you want it. The wording of your contract is essential. Be particularly attentive to the conditions of payment, the consequences of any breach of contract, the limitations of liability of the service provider, the applicable law, and the jurisdiction.

The more specific your contract language, the more guarantee you have that your dream day will not turn into a nightmare.

If despite these efforts your wedding dress is not as beautiful as it was supposed to be, if the food was not what you ordered, or if your wedding photos are all blurred, you should contact an experienced attorney to defend your interests and get full compensation for your loss.

Contact Boyer Law Firm, P.L. for an assessment of your wedding day loss.

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