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Why use an Attorney when Importing goods?

Why use an attorney when importing goods? The world of imports is a complex system that requires the knowledge and expertise of someone who is able to navigate the proper channels. There are certain goods that are restricted or prohibited from importation altogether. Likewise, some countries do not allow any imports at all from certain countries or regions. This alone can make importing a harrowing ordeal. Beyond the problems of what can be imported and from where, there lies the problem of how much, if any, will be paid in import duties.

In calculating the amount to be paid upon an import there are a number of things to consider. One is how the goods are categorized under the Harmonized Tariff Schedule. Depending on how the goods are categorized, there can be a great difference in how much will be paid. The Bureau of Customs and Border Protection carry out interpretation and enforcement of the schedule. The importer of record must file entry documents with the port director along with evidence of a paid bond in order to cover any duties and taxes. If no entry documents are filed within 15 days of entry, the goods will be placed in a warehouse at the importers expense.

Two other ways that duties are assessed are ad valorem and by country of origin. Ad valorem means that the duties on certain goods are based on a percentage of the overall value of the goods. If the importer values the goods at a lower price, they may be able to receive a lower duty. This can be difficult, however, if the goods are a compound or are commingled. Duties assessed by country of origin can be assessed in a number of ways. These include where the assembly of the most expensive piece of the good occurred, where it was manufactured, where the last modification was made, and many others.

When planning to import items to the United States it is important not only to acquire the expertise of an attorney with knowledge of the relative laws, but also an attorney who is licensed to practice in the United States Court of International Trade. Boyer Law Firm not only has the requisite knowledge, but is also qualified to practice in the United States Court of International Trade.  Please contact us with any further questions.

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