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Boyer Law Achieves Trademark for Client

Boyer Law Achieves Trademark for Client: We are pleased to announce that Boyer Law successfully obtained a U.S. and FL Trademark approval for our Client. Client T wanted to set up a personalized attraction tour and then wanted to trademark the attraction tour logo rapidly. Since the client’s service mark was specific in nature we had to make sure that we carefully tailored the package for the trademark for its approval.

Success Story: Boyer Law Achieves Trademark for Client

A service mark is a trademark used to identify a service rather than a product. They can be very beneficial because one’s own unique design of a service or logo cannot be replicated without permission once it is service marked.

Boyer Law Achieves Trademark for Client

We first set up Clients Corporation and then Client began his service tour. Since the trademark process is very rule specific we collected and drafted all materials necessary to file a U.S. Trademark and FL Trademark as quickly as possible. We were successful by getting Clients logo trademarked both under the U.S and FL Trademark division.

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