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Executive Order: Expedited Removal

President Trump’s executive order on January 25, 2017 directs the Department of Homeland Security to increase the use of “expedited removal”.  Expedited removal is the process that allows immigration officers to quickly deport some non-U.S. citizens without a trial or hearing.  This process applies to applicants of admission to the U.S trying to enter the U.S., aliens passing through the U.S., and aliens brought into the U.S. from open waters.

Issues with the process

A major potential problem with the increase of expedited removal is a potential increase in erroneous deportations.  Because aliens attempting to enter the U.S. do not have entitlement to hearings and appeals, aliens who may be able to make a claim for relief from removal may not be able to make such claims.  Similarly, only one immigration officer usually conducts the interview to place non-citizens into the expedited removal process.  This can prevent non-citizens from attorney representation.

Another potential problem with the increase of these quick deportations is an increase in detaining of aliens whose inadmissibility is in question.  Under the Act providing for expedited removal, officers investigating aliens entering the country can detain individuals pending determination and removal.

What can you do if issued an order of expedited removal?

Please consider consulting an attorney who can review your case in detail.  Experienced attorneys can review the facts and circumstances of your case. Similarly, trained attorneys can determine whether the expedited removal documents were issued properly. Also, be aware of immigration scams targeting those applying for visas or citizenship.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.  We will be happy to help you with any question or concern.

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