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International Legal Collaboration: Focus on Dubai

This week, we are excited to introduce our international partner in Dubai—Khairallah Advocates & Legal Consultants. We’ll explore how this cross-border collaboration is a tremendous benefit to our clients living and working in Dubai and around the world.


The Emirate of Dubai

Located in the Middle East, Dubai is the smallest in area of the seven Emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Even though small geographically, Dubai is the most populous of all the Emirates.

The City of Dubai is uniquely marked by soaring skyscrapers, unique palm islands, robot steered camel racing, and more gold that you have ever seen in one place, earning its nickname, “The City of Gold.” Dubai is well-known for luxury shopping, elaborate architecture, and a bustling nightlife scene. For these reasons and more, it’s no wonder Dubai shines as a popular tourist destination. In fact, in 2019 alone, Dubai attracted over 16.73 million tourists, a record for an Emirate that started from nothing.

Besides tourism, real estate drives Dubai’s economy, securing its status as the wealthiest emirate of the UAE. This economic prosperity makes way for innovative and extraordinary infrastructure projects.

Dubai’s entire philosophy is geared towards the internationalization of trade and its business model. And so far, it is a real success. The Emirate is enjoying one of the strongest and fastest growing economies. The city aims to be, and has gradually become, an essential international hub for trade between East and West.

Building on this growth, Dubai attracts many foreign companies and expatriate employees from around the world.


Dubai: An Emirate of Expats

In 2020, Dubai was ranked as the 10th best place to live as an expat in the world and the city of Dubai the number 1 City for expats in the Middle East, listing ease of living abroad without local language skills as the number one reason.

Dubai stands out, in particular, due to the makeup of its population. Composed of more than 80% expatriates, it is one of the most cosmopolitan locations in the world. All nationalities, cultures and religions are concentrated there like the world’s largest metropolises. Most expats are drawn to Dubai as a result of tax implications as the Emirates don’t levy any personal or capital tax.

Additionally, the education standards for international schools in Dubai are consistently ranked highly, adhering primarily to the British educational system. Finally, if the taxes and schools don’t draw you in, the lavish amenities surely will.

As a result of the primarily expatriate nature of Dubai, there is a club, bar, or restaurant available nearby to please any cuisine or interest you may have. The choices are so vast and the architecture is so extravagant, many refer to Dubai as the Las Vegas of the Middle East.


Americans Living in Dubai

Americans constitute one of the largest western expatriate communities in the United Arab Emirates with more than 50,000 expats, settled mainly in Dubai and to a lesser extent in Abu Dhabi.

But for these Americans, expatriation does not mean exile. They maintain ties to the United States, continue to have obligations towards their country, and even pay taxes. Boyer Law Firm is proud to support Americans around the world, whatever their country of residence, in  transnational legal matters as they live and work in countries like the United Arab Emirates.


French Nationals Living in Dubai

For French Nationals, Dubai is also a haven. In fact, Dubai has one of the largest French-speaking expatriate communities in the Arab world, with nearly 30,000 French nationals living in the Emirate. As well, the French population living in Dubai is growing at a rate of about 5% each year. Much like Americans in Dubai, the French living here maintain numerous community organizations, restaurants, and schools.

At present, there are over 600 French enterprises and businesses throughout the UAE, while roughly half of these businesses are located in Dubai specifically. Therefore, it’s no small wonder why French is a common language spoken in business communities in Dubai. With the increasing numbers of French-speaking nationals residing there, candidates that can speak the language are in high-demand. The Boyer team is pleased to be able to provide legal services to French nationals, and when needed, can easily conduct our meetings in French.


Attorney Jouslin Khairallah: An Exceptional Partner

Mrs. Khairallah is the founder and managing director of Khairallah Advocates & Legal Consultants, a renowned law firm based in Dubai. Known to be a powerful litigator and advocate, she is admitted to the Bars of the UAE. Additionally, Mrs. Khairallah is admitted to plead before the Federal Supreme Court, the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) and the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC).

Mrs. Khairallah’s experience and proficiency stands out in her field. In 2016, Attorney Khairallah was recognized with the award for best leader by Lawyer Monthly Magazine in the United Arab Emirates. Boyer Law Firm values the partnership for international legal services established with an attorney of her caliber.

Mrs. Khairallah’s firm, Khairallah Advocates & Legal Consultants, specializes in international law and offers legal expertise in intellectual property law, personal law, and business law. The firm represents both large multinational corporations, as well as individuals. If you want to take the plunge and settle in Dubai, Khairallah Advocates can help you get set-up there with everything required of expats.


What Does International Legal Collaboration Mean for Clients?

Different countries use different systems of laws in order to govern themselves. Many areas of law have both domestic and international implications, which is why cross-border coordination of legal efforts is so important. However, the quality of a transnational law team depends on the experience and expertise of the combined team of two or more different firms.

Multiple jurisdictions at-play requires a coordinated approach to achieve a desired outcome. That’s where international legal collaboration comes in. By finding high-quality partnerships, law firms are able to leverage their strengths and their local knowledge to be able to seek the best possible outcome for clients. Often, different legal systems will have specific nuances requiring a coordination of the laws, rules, and procedures present in order to ensure absolute compliance and integrity for the client’s case.

Whether you live or have business dealings in Dubai, Florida, or New York, our team is able to coordinate even complex legal issues across borders with the help of transnational collaborative efforts.


Using Cross-Border Collaboration & Coordination to Assist in Personal Matters

There are numerous potential personal matters that may require international legal collaboration, often because of different jurisdictions at play in the case. Common family matters with international implications include divorce, child custody, or enforcement of child support orders—especially where the parties reside in different countries.


  • International Probate: Florida is a very attractive place to live, work, and play. Many individuals will own property in Florida without actually being Florida residents. When a non-resident passes away owning property in Florida, administering their estate can be complicated and require what’s known as an ancillary probate proceeding. In this example, you’d need a law team that’s intimately familiar with both Florida Statutes, as well as the law of the deceased’s residence. This often requires a coordination of legal efforts to properly handle the entirety of the case.


  • Last Will & Testaments: Cross-border coordination can help execute a Last Will and Testament that will be compliant with both jurisdiction’s sets of laws and ensure the proper distribution of assets upon death. It is vitally important in these cases to ensure such actions will be enforceable in all affected countries and states.


  • Divorce, Custody, and Enforcement of Child Support: Another common issue involves international divorces and child custody/support issues. When agreements are not in writing, or when they involve multiple jurisdictions, the matter can become complex. One party may refuse to move back and refuses the other parent custody of the child(ren). In such situations, utilizing a cross border legal effort is essential to quickly reaching an amicable solution.

Of course, these are just a few examples of various issues that could arise with international legal matters. Other areas such as collecting a foreign judgment, customs law, and more are all unique situations requiring expertise and experience in international law. With effective cross-border partnerships in place, Boyer Law Firm is well positioned to offer effective legal counsel on a myriad of issues.


How Cross-Border Coordination & Collaboration Aids in Business Matters

Whenever companies do business with a company in another country, it is important to involve legal experts from all the affected countries in order to create a seamless transaction. When international business contracts aren’t executed well, the results can be less-than-ideal. That’s where cross-border coordination can really save the day.

Sales contracts, partnership agreements, distribution agreements, investment agreements, and more all require careful consideration of all jurisdictions at hand. Due to the many fundamental differences between legal systems of one country versus another, some provisions of a contract might be illegal, voidable, or simply unenforceable.

For example, in some countries, oral contracts may be perfectly enforceable; in others, they may have no significance whatsoever. The point is, an international law team specializing in complex business matters can help provide a smooth transaction so that clients diminish the risks of having issues hamper what may otherwise be a lucrative business relationship.

Another important area requiring cross border legal coordination involves a business desiring to expand in more than one location. Differing tax regulations, various licenses required, exports/imports restrictions and limitations, and even physical location of the business require careful planning.

The amount and types of business matters are broad and varied in type, scale, and complexity. As such, most require a coordinated, international approach with effective collaboration arrangements in place.


Boyer Law Firm Is Ready to Assist With Your International Case

With cross-border coordination and international legal collaboration efforts joining our team with firms like Khairallah Advocates & Legal Consultants, Boyer Law Firm has the resources required to assist our clients through even the most complex international legal matters. We’ll remain by your side to assist you with all your legal needs, including matters such as international divorce, child custody, international business dealings, and more.
We know the process can seem overwhelming and are here to help you every step of the way. To schedule a consultation with our legal team, contact us now.


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